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Spanish Lessons Houston

As the Spanish speaking population within the United States grows, so does the demand for professionals who are well versed in the Spanish language and culture.

Spanish Lessons Houston

Time to Get Serious About Learning English


As with most languages, English is an ever-evolving form of communication easily borrowing words from other languages, and coining many new words to reflect advances in technology.

English Courses in Houston

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Private lessons focus on your language goals and allow you to learn at your own pace.

Private Language Instruction


  • Be Bilingual is a great place to learn English.

    “Be Bilingual is a great place to learn English. The classes were flexible to meet my needs. I wanted to improve my English because I had a Toefl test so I took 10 English sessions. My tutor Margaret Miller is the best! I really enjoyed my classes with her. She is super friendly and she was always sending me emails providing me with the names of new books or websites that will help my language to improve. I will definitely recommend Be Bilingual to others.  ”

    — Jervette A.

  • Improve your English

    “Having recently relocated in the Houston area coming from France and even if speaking a "not too bad" business English I was looking for a way to improve my English skills and go to the next level. I fully recommend Be Bilingual and Margaret in particular if you're looking to improve your English, without too much effort. Instead of simply focusing on grammar, I'm learning new vocabulary words, common idioms and I'm working on correct pronunciation. Margaret and I are meeting twice a week (3hrs in total) at my office. My only homework is to read a short article selected from the New York Times that we will discuss in the following session. I can see that Margaret is customizing the lessons to my expectations, my challenges and my learning style. After a few hours, I can already hear the difference and my coworkers are struggling a lot less understanding me. B.B.”

    — Bruno

  • Learn French

    “I would like to tell you that I am very satisfied with my French classes. Ms. Muriel is a really good teacher and above all she is an extremely kind person, with a lot of energy and so many topics to talk about. She tailored the classes exactly as I wanted and with her I was given the opportunity to talk in French, to express my thoughts, to improve my pronunciation and fluency. I enjoyed every single class.
    I have had experience with many different language schools all over the world, but I can say that my experience with “Be Bilingual” is exceptional.”

    — MILENA

  • Learn Spanish

    “I want to tell you that Jorge was a great teacher (I rate him 10 out of 10). My having to stop the classes has nothing to do with either of them and everything to do with my terribly busy work schedule, which I unfortunately have no control over. Gaby and Jorge are both great teachers and great people. Finally, thank you for everything and for running a great Spanish school. I hope I will be able to come back.”

    — Dennis

  • Learn Spanish


    I am grateful for the opportunity that I had with your institution. I have learned a great deal in a short period of time. Mr. Jorge was very helpful in my studies and I am honored to be his student. We had a great time together and he made it more fun and likewise adjusted to my needs.

    As much as I wanted to learn and expand more my studies, I have to attend to other needs in a short period of time before I move to Sacramento. I will surely recommend your institution to my colleagues.

    May God bless and keep you always.”

    — Glen

  • “Be Bilingual is definitely worth the investment! My instructor helped me feel comfortable throughout the course and provided many opportunities to practice speaking and writing in fun and meaningful ways. I had a wonderful experience and am feeling confident using my language skills!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    – Kind regards, ”

    — Penny

  • Learn English

    “My experience with the Be Bilingual School has been a very positive one. There are separate classrooms for privacy and ease of learning, after work hours to accommodate my work schedule and there is an effort with all concerned to make sure the student has what they need to succeed. My teacher is a native speaker, fluent in English and her lessons have just the right amount of information for me to process. I feel like I have learned a lot so far. I found the office building accessible from a major freeway and easy to get in and out of. I am very happy with my choice of schools.”

    — Ellie

  • Learn Spanish

    “From the first moment I began communicating with Be Bilingual I knew they would be a great school for me. I completed a Spanish 2.5 week 5hr-day immersion style class with them. The teachers were native speakers. Everyone was very organized and classes were flexible to meet my needs and my teachers needs.
    Each level of Spanish is accompanied by a book that is extremely useful. I’ve been out of the class now a few months and I still enjoy looking through the books. I bought the next level book on my last day of class and I’m slowly working through it on my own. I know when I return to the school I can start at a higher level now.
    If you decide to join an immersion program be prepared! I shouldn’t say this but I highly recommend studying on your own before taking your private classes. Any tiny little bit of Spanish you have before joining the class will be useful. Also, don’t worry, relax! No matter what it takes, they will help you learn. I came into class with a closed mind and low expectations. I failed Spanish1 in college twice.
    During my initial meeting with Be Bilingual they told me the heart of the problem. I didn’t have the right mindset to learn. I returned a month later with a clear mind and an open heart for the language. And let me tell you, they crammed it in there. They would teach me exactly as fast as I could learn. We started flying though the material. It was amazing.
    Oh, and be ready for homework! Wow, 5 hours a day of class time, would mean that I would have at least 3 hours of homework a night, sometimes more. I hope you’re ready to learn Spanish. These people can really make it happen.

    P.S. Gracias por todo. Fue mi primera vez, en serio, pude aprender español. Ahora, yo vivo en México gracias a ustedes.”

    — Sean

  • Learn Spanish

    “Wow! I am so impressed. Be Bilingual came into my organization and gave my employees so much confidence in their new language skills. The instructor, Pat Walz, really took the time to understand the skill level of the class and then took them at a pace that was comfortable for them. The employees loved her enthusiasm and have asked to bring her back again, a third time. This class was definitely worth the investment.”

    — Claudia

  • Accent Reduction

    “Just a quick note to say "THANK YOU" for patiently helping me improve my English Speaking skills. I genuinely enjoyed the classes and our conversations.
    I wish you the best and sincerley hope we will come across each other some time in the future.
    Take care,”

    — Mandy

  • Accent Reduction

    “Hi Elizabeth:
    Just wanted to thank you for the assistance in setting up the 8 accent reduction sessions the past few days in Houston. The classes were excellent, and the teacher Pat Walz was caring, kind, and all around a great teacher. So I couldn’t be happier with the results.
    Thank you again, and all the best wishes for the season, and the new year.”

    — Christian

  • Learn Spanish

    “I have just completed my first 10 classes with Itzel at Be Bilingual. I wanted to write and thank you for recommending Itzel to me. Although I’ve taken many classes before, Itzel has paid special attention to how I use Spanish in my daily life. She is excellent at conveying complicated grammatical structures and simultaneously, at being flexible about the format of our classes so that they are really relevant to my life and my work. Her familiarity with Mexico City has been an added bonus, since I travel there as often as I can. My Spanish has improved exponentially in just over a month, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single class. Itzel’s professionalism, patience, and thoughtfulness go above and beyond any instructor I’ve worked with previously, and I’m delighted to know her.


    — Laura

  • Learn Spanish

    “After years of discouraging investments of my time and money, I am pleased to have found Be Bilingual.

    The workbook is well designed with vocabulary appropriately relevant to international business situations.

    The CD’s are an excellent help for me to practice proper pronunciation.

    But the most critical element is the one-on-one immersion method of each session. My instructor and I are forming our relationship around my personal situation, which enables me to build my vocabulary in an immediately useful way.

    The final element that impresses me is the written compositions that are assigned for each session. My compositions allow me to stretch the envelope by combining what I am learning with where I want to be in my ability to express my thoughts in written form. The compositions are an amazingly helpful format for exploring and absorbing the fundamentals of Spanish grammar.

    Judging by my experience after only 10 sessions, I’d say that Be Bilingual has done a wonderful job in refining their method for adults participating in the international business environment.”

    — Ana

  • Learn Spanish

    “Caryl and I have been taking Spanish at Be Bilingual for the past six months and really like it. We feel like we have made great progress towards our goal of fluency. We have had two excellent teachers during that time, both native speakers of Spanish, who have introduced us to the grammar and verb tenses that make up the language. Being able to speak one-on-one with native speakers has been invaluable and we are looking forward to continuing with our studies.”

    — John M.

  • Learn Portuguese

    “To whom it may concern,

    I took Portuguese lessons because I work on international projects that require communication with employees whose native language is Portuguese. These lessons allowed me to learn how to read, write and speak the language. The instructor is a native Brazilian and very fluent in English. She is very skilled, dedicated and personable. It is a joy to find someone that has natural talent, enjoys their job and demonstrates such a great desire to share what they know.

    The teaching materials included audio, textbook, music, and internet materials. The instruction was customized to meet my needs. The instructor showed a keen interest in seeing me learn. She was very adept is finding a method to help me understand the subject. Often learning materials were made available I had from previous lesson. This was extra effort made the instruction very enjoyable.

    I am now able to communicate with my colleagues in their native Portuguese language. It is amazing what this has done for me. I have developed some very good friendships that I know are due in large part to my speaking their language. It is very enjoyable to communicate in their natural way and my lessons were fundamental in making this happen. I now have greater job skills which have increased my value to the company.

    I would highly recommend this language instructor to anyone wanting to learn Portuguese.”

    — Mark

  • Learn English

    “Hello Liz,

    I hope you are doing well. Thanks for offering the accent reduction course at your institution, it is very helpful. I was able to learn many details (phonetics, important rules) that I never learned at ESL courses at other schools. Both Alex and Rachel were very good at teaching and paying attention to my specific needs. They e-mailed me additional information and recordings that will be of help. I appreciate the fact that both of them are very approachable, effective on their own teaching styles, and one feels comfortable working with them. The course was effective and will be of help in my future career as I continue to practice what I have learned.

    Thanks again,”

    — Wanda

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